4.1 Council is a non-profit body, whose aims, objects and purposes are to:

4.1.1 act as a representative body for South Australia clubs, associations and other bodies or persons, whose aims, objects and purposes are acceptable to Council,

4.1.2 maintain, promote, develop and encourage ownership and use of firearms,

4.1.3 liaise with organisations in the other Australian States and Territories whose objects, aims and purposes are compatible with those of Council,

4.1.4 encourage shooting proficiency by supporting state, national and international competitive shooting sports,

4.1.5 promote education and public awareness in the proper and safe ownership and use of firearms,

4.1.6 disseminate knowledge relative to laws pertaining to ownership and use of firearms in the other Australian States and Territories and to propose, support or oppose, any legislation or practices as are deemed to be in the best interests of the right of ownership and the use of firearms in the community,

4.1.7 raise the sport of shooting and hunting in public esteem by the creation of better understanding between Governments, the public, land owners and firearm users,

4.1.8 support game and native wild life conservation projects and to provide assistance and information available to any properly constituted authority as Council deems appropriate,

4.1.9 propose, support or oppose the advocacy of open or closed seasons and environmental rehabilitation consistent with game conservation,

4.1.10 endeavour to ensure the continued management of protected wildlife and to support measures assisting its preservation,

4.1.11 make any technical and scientific knowledge relative to firearms available to any person or organisation as approved by Council from time to time and

4.1.12 do all such things as would be conducive or incidental to, the attainment, promotion and realisation of any or all of the aims, objects and purposes of Council.