With reference to the letter from SSAA SA claiming sole credit for unilateral action by the President, it MUST BE POINTED OUT that many, many Stakeholders also raised these concerns at the Minister’s Roundtable Consultations.

Moreover, many other critical issues relating to adverse impacts on Clubs, on shooters, on hunters, on other disciplines and activities such as collectors, dealers, industry and all law-abiding firearms owners across South Australia were raised.

What the SSAA SA presidential letter omits to cover at all are all those issue that are bad news for firearms owners and the firearms community.  

Contrary to the self-praise comments in the SSAA letter, it is pointed out that a STAKEHOLDERS’ Meeting on the 24th August was facilitated by the Combined Firearms Council at the request of several Members and three non-affiliated State Bodies to consider the following:

  • The consultation process and its effectiveness or lack thereof
  • The Draft Bill in its format and context
  • Individual and common concerns regarding the content of the Draft Bill

The STAKEHOLDERS established a unified common consensus as all groups had been strongly encouraged to do by the advice of the cross-benches in the Legislative Council. They warned that the Minister would use any disunity to push the new Bill. Clearly that is happening now.

At that wide Stakeholders’ meeting (which included SSAA SA), following discussion on items within the Bill, a Matrix of all responses was tabulated and sent to the Minister.

The motion at the Stakeholders’ Meeting was --

“The stakeholders comments on the Draft Bill as collated by CFC be accepted by this group as the document to go forward, and that future inputs by SARPA, SAFG and PPSA be included”.

Motion carried – None against. TRSA abstained.

Those groups attending the meeting (State bodies and major organisation are in bold) were

Australian Cartridge Collectors Association
Antique and Historical Arms Association SA
Australian Deer Association
International Practical Shooting Confederation SA
Re-Enact SA
South Australian Clay Target Association
South Australian Field and Game Association
South Australia Revolver and Pistol Association
South Australian Target Pistol League
Target Rifle SA
Primary Producers SA
Sporting Shooters Association Australia SA   -- NOTE
Combined Firearms Council SA
Adelaide Pistol and Shooting Club
Sporting Shooters Association Australia (Para Branch
Security and Allied Shooting Firearms Club
North Eastern Sports Shooting
Paintball Sports (Outdoor)
Indoor Paintball Association
Arms and Militaria Federation of Australia
Adelaide University Rifle and Pistol Club
El Alemein Collectors Club
Military Arms Preservation Society    
Pt Lincoln Firearms Collectors Club
South Australian Field and Game Association (Southern)
Wartime Vehicle Coservation Group
Representative Firearms Dealer
Australia and New Zealand Pistol Club
South Australian Bush Artillery            

The matrix is attached HERE stakeholders combined responses 1.7MB PDF

It is therefore most misleading to claim otherwise that only one person was responsible for the outcome to date and to omit the bad news, which is equally if not more critical to us all.

Further information will be forthcoming